Isabel Gutierres was born June 8, 1912.  She was 107 years old when she met Jesus face to face.  She was a very special lady, whom I am so thankful I was able to know.

Isabel lives with her son in Colonia Miraflores, Guaimaca.  She is unable to walk and is confined to her bed or chair.

Isabel was given food for her and her son and told of Jesus’ love and of His desire to save her from her sins and of His desire that she may believe on Him and live in Heaven throughout eternity.  She was also given a Bible and prayed for.

Isabel is visited twice each month and provided with food, medicine, and other items needed.  She also receives doctor visits as needed. Although she is very frail, Isabel is able to communicate well and has a wonderful disposition and outlook for the future.  Her son, Phelipe,,lives with her and provides her daily care. They are both professing Christians and he studies in the Grace Biblical Seminary.