2017 was a great year for WBM.  The year started with the construction of the Cerro Grande Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Cerro Grande) just south of Guaimaca.  The PATTH team poured the floor as one of their annual construction projects and provided funds to continue construction of the walls and roof of the church.  PATTH will return in February to build the roof and electrical service for the church. Save & Exit

The Senior Citizen Ministry was started with several elderly individuals and couples receiving much-needed home repairs, food, and medical care.  2017 ended with a three year old child receiving financial assistance for medical help her mother couldn’t afford, probably saving the child’s life.  (In Honduras often time there is no help for the poor if no neighbors or friends are unwilling or can’t afford to help.)

In 2018 the Senior food pantry and clothes closet will be organized and will begin serving the elderly and poor.  Many local churches, individuals, and even businesses have expressed a definite interest and are looking forward to participating in this extension of the Senior Citizen Ministry.   

The Grace Biblical Seminary in Guaimaca continued to grow in 2017 with twenty students faithfully attending the recent classes.  These students are mostly pastors some church lay leaders.  As the classes grow the initial classes will be repeated for those studying for the first time.  Interestingly, most pastors in Honduras have little or no formal training and are super excited to have the opportunity to study the Bible under well trained and qualified Bible scholars. 

Most of the eight churches which were originally founded and sponsored by WBM have been without support or sponsorship since 2000.  One of the eight churches has completely failed and the doors permanently closed and locked.  This church is the only church in a community of approximately 800 people.  Plans are underway now to re-establish this church and provide a trained pastor to provide new leadership. 

The other seven churches are doing well and only need Bibles, study literature, ongoing pastor training, and some financial support.  Each of these churches has an established place of worship and a pastor.  WBM will continue to monitor each of these churches and help them to meet specific needs as requested.  It is our desire that each church established by WBM should be self-sustaining, however, in some areas they simply don’t have the means, in which case we work through the pastor to provide assistance.

WBM has purchased hundreds of Bibles for distribution in Honduras.  This ministry has become a blessing to many, who couldn’t afford to purchase a Bible for their home or study.  With Stateside funds available WBM has been able to provide Bibles through the years with the knowledge that God’s Word is essential to spiritual understanding and growth.  As funds continue to be received, WBM will continue to distribute God’s Word to individuals and homes as an important part of the WBM ministry.

School sponsorship is one of the ways WBM has found to reward the youth of Honduras with an opportunity to study in preparation for the profession they choose as their life’s work.  Mabel Matute will graduate early in 2018 with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Mabel’s school sponsorship has provided her with living expenses, transportation costs, school charges, books, etc. as she has studied at the University in Tegucigalpa.  Sponsorship has come from individuals in the United States, who recognize the need, Mabel’s dedication to studying to achieve, and have chosen to share the blessings God has afforded them.  We applaud Mabel for her accomplishments and are looking forward to seeing her moving into her life’s calling, which is to share Christ with others through the opportunities she will surely have as a Pharmacist in Honduras.

WBM is pleased to report that 100% of the funds donated to WBM continue to be used as directed by the donor.  Most ministries must deduct from donations to pay administrative expenses, however, WBM has never found it necessary to deduct anything from gifts for any reason.  We pray that WBM will always be able to use 100% of donations received for the intended purpose.