May 24, 2019

Since JoAnn and I returned to the States from Honduras in October of 2018 many things have been happening in the WBM Ministry in Honduras as well as in the States.  The FBC of Zebulon, GA was able to organize a sea/land container of clothes for the people of Mexico Beach, Florida, whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Michael, a category 5, in October 2018.  Through our friends at Samaritan’s Purse, we learned of the need in Mexico Beach and delivered the container soon after relief providers were allowed into the devastated area.  It was a sight to behold.  Hundreds/thousands of nice homes, churches, businesses, hotels/motels, and trees were blown away, totally destroyed, or severely damaged by the winds and rising water.

We delivered the sea-land container of clothing to the First Baptist Church of Mexico Beach.  It remains there today and continues to serve the people with much needed winter clothes, which were given out right away.  Summer clothes remained in the container and are being distributed now..

Many homes have been repaired, as well as the First Baptist Church roof, but there is an unbelievable amount of work left to be done.  The WBM container will remain there until it is no longer needed.  Here are some photos of our visit to the FBC in Mexico Beach, Fl.

This photo is of the Samaritan’s Purse workers (in blue shirts) with the FBC pastor Rev. Eddie LaFountain (black shirt) and other volunteers on the day the container was delivered.

The FBC in Mexico Beach suffered extensive roof damage and water damage.  The roof has finally been replaced and normal services have resumed.  The church is still a center of relief oasis for the community as the distribution point for thousands of donated relief items.  This photo shows the church roof covered by blue plastic, the WBM sea/land container, and overflow relief items stored outside on the church grounds.

It’s difficult to imagine the scope of destruction without actually seeing it in person.  Only the concrete skeleton portion of the El Governor hotel on the beach survived.  The beach area in the foreground (in front of where the white car is parked, is where tens of guest rooms were standing only a few days before.

Please pray for the people of Mexico Beach.  Their homes, businesses, jobs, churches, shopping centers, gas stations, and much more have been destroyed.  Many have left the area permanently to live with family or friends while rebuilding their lives.  Others slowly rebuild their homes and businesses.  Few jobs are available as most places of employment in the entire area no longer exist. .

This is a stark reminder that only Jesus Christ can be depended on.  Everything else is subject to the changing “wind”.  If you would like to help the people of Mexico Beach please give generously through WBM.  We’ll be sure 100% of your gift is used wisely and for the Glory of God as you direct. Visit the “Donate” page for more information on how to give.