Luisa is was born on August 25, 1936 and was almost 85 years old when she was called home .  Luisa was ministered to by Mino, representing WBM, during her final years and experienced Christ’s love through those who gave for her to be able to have food, medicine, and the truth about Jesus and His love.  She lived in Colonia Barrio Abajo in Guaimaca, Honduras.  Luisa suffered from diabetes.

Luisa was given food and told that Jesus has already paid for all of her sins, so she doesn’t need to continue confessing her sins to the priest or paying the Catholic church to forgive her sins.  She has now been told that Jesus died for her past, present, and future sins to be forgiven,  She was told, probably for the first time in her life, that she only needs to trust Jesus to receive eternal life and live with Him throughout eternity.  She was given a new Bible and will receive follow up visits from the SCM.  It will be very difficult to impossible for Luisa to accept the truths of the Bible after eighty years of being told to believe things that are not supported by God’s Holy Word.  We can only trust that God will heal her heart and that she will accept Jesus, instead of men, to forgive her sins and welcome her into fellowship with Him in Heaven.