Herminio is 78 years old and suffers from severe back pain and stomach pain.  She lives in Colonia Santa Fe Guaimaca.  She is very poor and unable to afford a hospital visit or a visit to a doctor’s clinic.  She will never be able to have her back operated on or even have the tests done to have the problem identified.

Herminio was told of Jesus’ love and that He died for her sins.  She was told that she only needs to trust in Jesus and that He died for her sins in order to receive salvation and spend eternity with Him.  She was given food, a new Bible, and prayed with for her healing and for her salvation.. Future visits will be made with additional help as needed.


We are very sad to report that Mrs Herminio Martinez Gonzales passed away peacefully at her home on March 17, 2018.  We are thankful to have been able to provide her with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ..  We pray the visits, food, and love we shared was a blessing to Herminio in her last days,  May The Lord Jesus care for her soul and afford her the many comforts she didn’t experience here on earth. A Men. .