Andres Ramirez was born on November 30, 1938.  He lives in one very small room behind a house in Guaimaca.  The only item in his room is his bed.  He has no personal belongings.  Bathroom facilities are difficult to get to from his room.  He is very poor and doesn’t have even the basic food or clothing he needs.  In addition to other problems he also suffers with asthma.  He is able to move around on his bed, but needs assistance to stand.  Walking is very difficult, even with assistance.

We have visited Andres numerous times and are providing him with food, medicine, and some clothing.  He has someone who prepares his food for some of the food we leave for Andres.  He is always cheerful and communicates well.

Mino and Isai have ministered to Andres’ physical needs, told him about Jesus, and given him at tract and Bible.  He isn’t able to read, but has others who can read to him occasionally.  Mino and Isai will continue visiting Andres to provide much needed food and home care.

Andres lives in this room behind a house, where his meals are prepared, his clothes washed occasionally.  Andres is able to walk some, but is always accompanied by someone to keep him from falling.  In the photo above he is expressing his gratitude for the food and supplies he was given by the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry.  Thank you for supporting this most worthy ministry.