Paulina was born on January 15, 1936.  She is very poor and lives with family members.  Paulina has various health problems and  sufferes with a sore on the calf of her leg that she has been caring for for many years.  We found her without food, medical care and unable to obtain her basic needs.  She is a sweet and kind lady and certainly we wanted to help.  Paulina was added to the Senior Citizen Ministry to provide food, medical care, and other basic needs.

In February of 2018 a visiting team from Iowa visited the Seniors and the nurses on the team provided Paulina with special care to her leg by cleaning the wound, applying ointments to aid in healing, and dressed the wound.  They also left supplies to care for her leg in the hope the wound would heal.  They prayed with Paulina asking God to bless her and provide healing for her leg.  I’m pleased to report that her leg is being cleaned and dressed several times each week now and the wound has finally healed and is now covered with healthy tissue.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him by serving others in His Name.