Our Purpose

World Baptist Missions Inc. (WBM) exists to provide both the opportunity and logistics for Evangelical Christians to reach the lost for Christ.  WBM provides safe and dependable means and opportunities for long and short-term volunteer mission service.  WBM is a long-established, since 1988, ministry, of good report.  WBM is God-centered, evangelical, and effective in reaching the lost for Christ, which is our purpose in existing. 

With ongoing evangelism, construction, feeding, teaching, and medical ministries, WBM reaches the lost by meeting essential physical needs with kindness and compassion integrated with witnessing, teaching, and ongoing support of new and seasoned Christians in the community in which they live.  WBM is a ministry based on personal relationships, respect, and Christ-like love.

WBM is a relatively small, but very active, ministry, offering the advantage of personal relationships between those ministering and those being ministered to.  WBM encourages teams, church groups, mission groups, and individuals to visit the mission field as often as possible to establish and maintain personal relationships on which Christ-centered relationships are founded. 

By becoming personally involved each participant takes advantage of the opportunity to be of service and receiving God’s blessings through missions.

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