September 22, 2023

I’m very excited when I think of all the Ministry projects WBM is involved in this year.  There’s construction of the Senior Assisted Living Center (SALC), the WBM Grace Seminary, the upcoming Container Ministry trip to minister to migrant workers in Pennsylvania, volunteer teams coming to visit us in Honduras, the churches planted by WBM, our new Journeymen Missionaries, Gene and Amanda Mojica, the Senior Food and Care Programs, and much more.  We pray you are plugged into the WBM Ministry and using your talents and resources to serve the cause of Christ through WBM.

Gene and I will be traveling to Honduras on November 16th through December 16th to host the December Seminary week, supervise installing the roof on the first SALC Housing Unit, which was built by the PATTH team in February 2023.  Here is a view of the SALC Housing Unit as it is now.

Senior Assisted Living Center 1st Housing Unit

After the roof is finished, the next step will be to pour the cement porches.  Next will be the Bath House and Laundry, which will begin in February.  We encourage you to check back for project updates.  I ask that you pray for the project and, if you are not already involved, to ask how God may be calling you to become involved.

I want to also share the latest news on the WBM Grace Seminary.  WBM’s Instructor, Tom Eckman, traveled to Honduras for two weeks in August to teach the book of Matthew to groups of pastors and lay leaders in Oropoli and Guaimaca.  More than fifty students studied faithfully for five consecutive days of eight-hour classes.  Each student completing the course requirements was awarded a Certificate of Completion for the course.  Here is a photo of the group in Oropoli.

                                         Graduating Seminary Class Oropoli August 2023

I’m looking forward to our trip to Honduras in November.  We’ll be attending meetings in several areas of Honduras to meet with four new groups, who have heard about the WBM Grace Seminary classes and have asked WBM to begin teaching classes in their locations.  It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm of the pastors, who want to study God’s Word in a much deeper and more understandable way.

I encourage you to join us as our prayer partner.  Prayer really works.  It provides the direction from God that WBM needs to be revealed.  I pray that you will join us on the field or with your support as we each follow His calling on our lives.

There are Big Plans Brewing, so stay tuned.

In Christ Siempre.