May 24, 2019

We are very excited about the WBM sponsored GBS classes in Guaimaca, Honduras.  The instructors from the States began teaching the pastors on Monday May 20, 2019 and will conclude the fifth day today, Friday May 24, 2019.  It has been an exceptional week with two new instructors from El Salvador.  They are the big guys in the photo below.

The number of student pastors varies each day as many of the pastors are bivocational and unable to attend classes every day.  The photo below is the class of May 24, 2019, which is a typical class.  Classes range from fourteen to even twenty five at times.  The pastors are so very thankful to have the opportunity to study the Word of God in a professional setting.  It is a very rare blessing in Honduras.

Next week,the instructors will begin classes in Oropoli, Honduras, which will be the first GBS classes offered to pastors in that area of Honduras.  We are expecting more than thirty students to attend.  Please be in fervent prayer for the classes in this new location.

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