Since the last posting many great things have been happening in Honduras.  The new Mayor of Guaimaca is a good friend of ours, who decided to run for Mayor in order to help the people-a totally different concept than most.  Armando and Sandra Raudales are now the Mayor and First Lady of Guaiimaca.  They are wonderful Christians and have already accomplished many new things for the people of Guaimaca.

Just to give you an idea, they have opened a Children’s Daycare Center in a very poor section of town to care for the children of mothers who need to work and have no one to take care of their children.  Several hundred children from very poor families are attending school at the Center, receiving wholesome hot meals each day and even having the opportunity to learn to play the violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, and other instruments.

One of the greatest needs at the Children’s Daycare Center was potable water.  We recently drilled a 300′ deep well that will be used for cooking, bathrooms, and other needs at the Center.  The water will be a significant blessing to the children and workers as no water was available to them before except water. hauled from other locations.

We also provided a well for the Senior Citizen’s Center, which is another project that Sandra and Armando started in Guaimaca. The SCC provides a hot wholesome meal for poor Senior Citizens in that entire area of Guaimaca every day.  They are also involved in small projects, enjoy visiting, and even have garden’s on the property, where they grow corn, beans, sugar cane, and other vegetables.

We will also be involved in the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, where 48 men and one woman are now living and learning to live without addictions that have been destroying their lives.  We are currently looking for property to build a new A&D Center.  The current facility is much too small.

Each of these projects provide opportunities for witnessing.  Soon our Grace Biblical Seminary students will be visiting these three ministries regularly to teach the Word of God to lost souls.

We have also been asked by the Mayor to design and build a water system which will provide potable water to every home in the City of Guaimaca.  We have already begun this project and will be reporting more to you soon.

We are also working with the Mayor to provide two ambulances and a fire truck for the City of Guaimaca.  Guaimaca has never has any fire or ambulance service.  This will be a first.  We are providing the equipment and training the EMTs and Firemen.  God has provided a well qualified instructor, Christian Cubas, to provide the training and work with the men and women, who will volunteer their time and talents.

Finally, the largest public gathering ever in Guaimaca will take place on June 30 when WBM will sponsor a City wide crusade, where more than five thousand people will gather in the soccer stadium for a family evening of fellowship, GBS speakers, Christian music, a free meal, and an address by the Mayor of Guaimaca.telling about all the wonderful things God is doing in Guaimaca.

The Grade Biblical Seminary will provide speakers from the States, Honduras, and Nicaragua to inform and encourage Guaimaca to turn to the Lord and accept Him as Lord and Savior.  There will be counselors available to answer questions and explain the difference in Salvation and works.  We are praying that after this City wide crusade Guaimaca will become known as God’s city.

We ask you to pray for these projects and for the special Crusade on June 30.  We also need some help[ covering the expenses of the Crusade, which we expect to be around $7,000.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.