It was wonderful to be on mission again in Honduras.  The Covid pandemic has forced us to remain in the States, even though we knew the people of Honduras were in great need of help of all kinds.  We were able to continue sending funds to support the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry and even sent funds to purchase a large quantity of food for distribution to the extremely poor by a local group.  Thank you for making those things possible by your support.

Our recent trip to Guaimaca was different, to say the least.  It was my first, hours long, layover in Mexico City.  Also, it’s been several years since we’ve had to fly into San Pedro Sula, then drive an additional six hours to finally make it home, to Guaimaca, around 10:30 at night.

Delta has indefinitely suspended flights to Tegucigalpa, so it’s going to require us to fly United or American to leave the States at a reasonable hour and make it to Guaimaca at a reasonable hour.  Delta hasn’t given us any hope of resuming their direct flights from Atlanta to Tegucigalpa, even though the other airlines are flying multiple runs each day.

We found the GBS students more than anxious to begin classes in Guaimaca and Oropoli again.  Rev. Tom Eckman spoke to several groups, who were excited about studying again and asked that he return soon to resume classes.  It was good to see everyone and renew old friendships.  Current plans are to return in May to begin classes and resume teaching God’s word to Honduras pastors, more than fifty now, who are studying at the GBS Seminary.  Plans are also underway to produce and publish video classes on various Biblical subjects as well as conduct virtual classes with the instructor in the States and the students and translator in Honduras.

I want to thank you for your interest and support of World Baptist Missions Inc. and its continuing service to the people of Honduras.  The upcoming plans to expand the service to Senior Citizens by providing assisted living facilities, a first for Honduras, are moving forward again.  Please check back from time to time to keep up with the developments.

Thanks again for your support through the years.  Many hundreds have come to know Christ as their own personal Savior and Lord through your prayers and support of WBM.  We are praying that soon teams will be ready to return to serve in person.  Maybe you’d like too be in one of those teams.  Drop us a note if you’re interested and we’ll keep you informed and involved.

Don’t forget there’s a link on the website to send a note to us.  We’ll receive it immediately and promise to respond.  Lets keep the line of communication open.  We’re here to serve and represent you in Honduras.

Have a blessed day,