Today March 31, 2018 I have great news that we have been lifting in prayer for twenty five years.  This report may be long, but I want you to know what is going on here in order for you to be able to celebrate the good news with us.  Please continue to read.

After twenty five years here in Guaimaca we finally have an honest Christian man, who has been elected Mayor of Guaimaca.  To fully understand the impact of this you must understand that Guaimaca is the largest town in the Guaimaca area, but like Atlanta and other Stateside cities, Guaimaca has many smaller towns throughout the mountains that are all part of Guaimaca and are governed by the elected Mayor of Guaimaca and the City Council.

Mayor (Alcalde) Henry Armando Raudades was elected to the position of Alcalde of Guaimaca and will serve for a four year term with the possibility of being elected for additional four year terms by the people of Guaimaca.  Armando is an Engineer by education and is a local businessman.  His wife, Sandra, is also from Guaimaca and sister to my neighbor’s wife here in the Mennonite community.  They own and operate three pharmacies and the La Cascada (The Waterfall) restaurant here in Guaimaca and a fourth pharmacy in a nearby city.  They are wonderful Christians and are already doing good things here with many plans for the future of Guaimaca.

Several weeks ago Sandra and Armando reached out to me to help them with several needs for the City of Guaiamca.  Some of the items they requested are; food, clothing, shoes, baby supplies, two ambulances, a fire truck, and much much more.  We have already contacted several people,in the States to request these items for Guaimaca and will resume sending semi containers filled with these items to Guaimaca to be distributed through the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry and through new programs operated by the City to help poor families with food, clothing, daycare for children of working mothers. a special school for poor children, and a feeding program for the poor in this area.

Interestingly, we built a water treatment plant for Orphange Emmanuel more than fifteen years ago, which was never used.  We will soon place that plant in operation to provide more than 100,000 gallons of potable water per day to the city with plans to build additional plants in the near future to increase the capacity.  This project will provide a sufficient amount of water to serve the entire City of Guaimaca soon.

Many other projects will significantly improve living conditions in and around Guaimaca as these projects come online.  Another really great project has reopened the local sawmill, which at one time provided employment for >1000 people and was the largest in Honduras.  One saw line is in operation now with other saw lines to begin operating soon.

With good Christian people in the Alcaldia (Office of the Mayor) I am anticipating the opportunity to present Christ to the people of Guaimaca from many platforms including two local TV channels, several local radio stations, community meetings, festivals, civic gatherings, etc.  The field is ripe for harvest here in  Guaimaca with an estimated population of 300,000 people in this service area.

Please pray for Guaimaca, that, with God’s help, we will be able to meet the challenge before us.  Please share your thoughts and ideas.  You are urgently needed to meet this challenge.