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December 2018 News Update

In October we returned from Honduras with a great report to share with you.  Here are some highlights.

Senior Citizen Ministry

We were able to visit the WBM SCM recipients at least twice while in Guaimaca during this visit.  Each visit was a blessing to us as well as the Seniors.  Mino Rodriguez is administering the SCM and visits each person at least twice each month with food, medicine, clothing, and other items needed.  All of the recipients look forward to receiving the food he brings and always express their appreciation for all of the help they receive.

Some seniors have family or friends as caregivers, who often share the food as compensation for their time and service.  None of the SCM recipients are able to provide for themselves due to their financial state as well as their physical ability.  As SCM recipients are added these are strict requirements in order to qualify.

During a recent team visit team nurses were able to minister to Pauline Colindres in a very special way.  She has suffered for years with a wound to her leg that wouldn’t heal due to her unsanitary living conditions.  The nurses were able to clean her wound, apply ointment, and wrap her leg to prevent new infection.  They also left funds for cleaning and dressing her leg.  Her leg is almost healed now.

Please visit the Senior Citizen Ministry web page for more details and to see a photo of Pauline.

Grace Biblical Seminary

The October GBS classes were the best attended yet.  Up to 25 students studied the book of Galatians under the instructions of Dr. Gene Yancey.  With the new students attending these classes it will soon be necessary to provide basic classes in Bible study in order for new students to have the foundation on which to build their future studies.

At the end of the week the students enjoyed their noon meal at the new La Chiquita restaurant.  The final hours of instruction were presented by Dr. Yancey at the restaurant.  We have seen the classes grow from less than ten students to more than twenty students.  We thank God for blessing this most important ministry to the pastors and those who provide leadership to their churches.

WBM Churches

Through the years WBM has planted eight new churches in and around Guaimaca.  Each of those churches has done well with tte exception of the church in the extremely remote San Jose de Guayape.  The original pastor of San Jose agreed to plant the church and remain there as their pastor until another pastor could be found.  He and his family remained there for two years and were replaced by a new pastor.  After some problems the pastor left and the church was closed, as no other pastor could be found at the time.

Recently a pastor from Concordia, a nearby town, began attending the GBS classes and asked for permission to pastor the church in San Jose.  We excitedly agreed.  Please pray that Pastor Angel will provide the leadership needed in San Jose, a town of more than 500 residents..

The new Cerro Grande Baptist Church will soon be open and in use.  The congregation still uses the community center for meetings, but will soon have windows, doors, and a beautiful tile floor.  Pastor David Avila is looking forward to preaching in the new building.  The Cerro Grande church is one of the eight churches planted by the WBM Ministry.

Senior Citizen Activity Center

WBM recently sponsored the drilling of a well for the Senior Citizen’s Activity Center in Guaimaca, where up to 150 Seniors gather each weekday for a meal and fellowship.  WBM was pleased to be able to provide food and several really great visits to the Center and participate often in helping with various needs.  Sandy Yancey, wife of Dr. Gene Yancey, demonstrated the love of Christ ih a program she presented at the Center while Gene taught the GBS classes.

Children’s Daycare Center

WBM also sponsored the drilling of a well for the Children’s Daycare Center in Guaimaca, where several hundred children from very poor homes come each day to attend school and enjoy a hot meal.  Many of the children have working single mothers, who would be unable to earn a living for their family if they had no place to leave their children while they work. Only poor children are allowed to attend this daycare center, where there are no special requirements to attend, like uniforms, which they can’t afford.

We often visit the Children’s Daycare Center to share Christ, provide school supplies, and leave food for the children.  This is an unbelievable ministry to many children, who would otherwise be unable to attend school or hear of God;s love.

Mexico Beach Hurricane

We returned to the States early than planned in October to complete the loading and delivery of a 40′ container of clothes, food, baby supplies, etc. to Mexico Beach.  Through Samaritan’s Purse we made contact with the First Baptist Church of Mexico Beach, FL to receive the container.  The container, chassis, and its contents.were delivered to Pastor Eddie La Fountain to be used as needed.  Pastor Eddie said that all of the items were needed and that they could use the container for storage and distribution of items to those in need.  WBM was very pleased that the container and chassis could be used by the Lord in such a way..


It is only possible to continue these, and many other, projects with your prayers, participation, and financial support.  100% of your gifts are used as you request and all donations are tax deductible.  World Baptist Missions Inc, is a 501-c-3 non profit.  You may use all donations as tax deductions as allowed by the law.

Thank you for your prayers and support..



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September 2018

We will be leaving in less than two weeks to return to Guaimaca to resume the Ministry there.  We’re looking forward to returning with the anticipation of seeing our many friends and resuming the many ministry projects of World Baptist Missions Inc.  We’ve accomplished many things while in the States related to the Honduras Ministry, but need to return to Hondurras to resume work there.

Upcoming projects in Honduras include a fire department and ambulance service for Guaimaca.  While in the States we have been the search for a fire truck and two ambulances for Guaimaca as well as equipment and supplies for both.  We’ve also been working on the design of a potable water system for the entire city of Guaimaca.  Currently only a small portion of the population has water available to their homes.  That water is surface water from mountain streams, which are severely polluted.  A friend, for example, recently described his experience of finding a worm lodged between his teeth after brushing.  Filtration, treatment, and distribution of water are not practices familiar to Guaimaca, therefore a potable water supply for every home will be a most welcome improvement.

Fire protection for the thousands of homes in Guaimaca is not available.  Nearby cities do have some fire protection, however limited, but at least they have some fire protection.  The previously described water system will provide an abundance of water for fire protection.  A tanker/pumper firetruck is being sought in the States to transport water to fires and pump water from the City water system.  Throughout Honduras only limited training for firemen is available, but will be augmented by professional State side instructors to enhance the limited training available in Honduras.  A firetruck, equipment, and supplies are being sought now for Guaimaca.

Two used, but servicable, ambulances are also being sought for transport to Guaimaca.  Currently there is no ambulance service available between Guaimaca and the medical facilities in Tegucigalpa, the capital city, where more professional care is available.  Typically patients, even severely injured accident victims, gunshot victims, birthing needs, etc. etc. are typically transported without professional medical personnel and in the back of pickup trucks, buses, or personal automobiles, when availlable.  Two EMTs are currently waiting for the ambulances and equipment to arrive in Guaimaca, when they are committed to move to Guaimaca from the United States to begin instructing EMTs to staff the ambulances of Guaimaca.  We look forward to hosting them as they serve in this most important and life saving ministry..

All of these exciting things are happening under the ministry of World Baptist Missions Inc, which has been serving the people of Guaimaca for the past thirty years with the good news of Jesus Christ.  WBM is happy to also host the Honduras extension of Grace Biblical Seminary, which provides classes for pastors and lay leaders in the study of the Bible.  In many instances GBS provides the very first opportunity for pastors to study God’s Holy Word in a professional setting under scholars of the Bible.  WBM is pleased to offer this most important ministry to Honduran pastors.

Please visit us often to learn of the work of WBM and its affiliated ministries.  Perhaps you would like to participate or sponsor this most worthwhile ministry.  We covet your prayers and support.

By the way, we’ve recently published a new section called Videos and Photos.  Be sure to visit it often to see, in action, some of the events and happenings of WBM.  We’ll be adding short videos and photos along, which will surely be of interest to you.

July 2018 News Update

We are super excited to announce many great things happening in Guaimaca and the entire surrounding area.  Before beginning, let me share the link to the latest WBM event held on 30 June 2018.  The Adoremos En Familia Guaimaca area wide crusade was held at the Vicente Brizo Aleman soccer stadium with 3,000 people attending.  Dr. Ed Hoard and Dr. Freddie Coile presented the Gospel and plan of salvation with approximately 300 accepting Christ as their Personal Savior.  The program began with music by the Iglesia Bautista Esmirna worship team followed by the Christian music group Oleo, who performed throughout the evening.  The program began at 4:00pm and concluded at 8:30pm.  It was the largest attended event ever held in Guaimaca.

Presentations by Mayor Armando Raudales and First Lady Sandra Raudales were followed by a description of the official announcement about the new Fire Department and Ambulance Service, which will soon serve all of Guaimaca and the surrounding area.

It was all planned and organized by World Baptist Missions in partnership with Grace Biblical Seminary, which WBM sponsors in Guaimaca with twenty students faithfully studying at this time under direction of the GBS staff from the United States and Nicaragua.

Please click on the “Play” arrow to begin he video.  Then click on the “Full Screen” icon to view it on your full screen.  Enjoy!!!

I’ll be back soon to describe more of the WBM activities in the next update.

Great Things Happening in Guaimaca

Since the last posting many great things have been happening in Honduras.  The new Mayor of Guaimaca is a good friend of ours, who decided to run for Mayor in order to help the people-a totally different concept than most.  Armando and Sandra Raudales are now the Mayor and First Lady of Guaiimaca.  They are wonderful Christians and have already accomplished many new things for the people of Guaimaca.

Just to give you an idea, they have opened a Children’s Daycare Center in a very poor section of town to care for the children of mothers who need to work and have no one to take care of their children.  Several hundred children from very poor families are attending school at the Center, receiving wholesome hot meals each day and even having the opportunity to learn to play the violin, piano, guitar, saxophone, and other instruments.

One of the greatest needs at the Children’s Daycare Center was potable water.  We recently drilled a 300′ deep well that will be used for cooking, bathrooms, and other needs at the Center.  The water will be a significant blessing to the children and workers as no water was available to them before except water. hauled from other locations.

We also provided a well for the Senior Citizen’s Center, which is another project that Sandra and Armando started in Guaimaca. The SCC provides a hot wholesome meal for poor Senior Citizens in that entire area of Guaimaca every day.  They are also involved in small projects, enjoy visiting, and even have garden’s on the property, where they grow corn, beans, sugar cane, and other vegetables.

We will also be involved in the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, where 48 men and one woman are now living and learning to live without addictions that have been destroying their lives.  We are currently looking for property to build a new A&D Center.  The current facility is much too small.

Each of these projects provide opportunities for witnessing.  Soon our Grace Biblical Seminary students will be visiting these three ministries regularly to teach the Word of God to lost souls.

We have also been asked by the Mayor to design and build a water system which will provide potable water to every home in the City of Guaimaca.  We have already begun this project and will be reporting more to you soon.

We are also working with the Mayor to provide two ambulances and a fire truck for the City of Guaimaca.  Guaimaca has never has any fire or ambulance service.  This will be a first.  We are providing the equipment and training the EMTs and Firemen.  God has provided a well qualified instructor, Christian Cubas, to provide the training and work with the men and women, who will volunteer their time and talents.

Finally, the largest public gathering ever in Guaimaca will take place on June 30 when WBM will sponsor a City wide crusade, where more than five thousand people will gather in the soccer stadium for a family evening of fellowship, GBS speakers, Christian music, a free meal, and an address by the Mayor of Guaimaca.telling about all the wonderful things God is doing in Guaimaca.

The Grade Biblical Seminary will provide speakers from the States, Honduras, and Nicaragua to inform and encourage Guaimaca to turn to the Lord and accept Him as Lord and Savior.  There will be counselors available to answer questions and explain the difference in Salvation and works.  We are praying that after this City wide crusade Guaimaca will become known as God’s city.

We ask you to pray for these projects and for the special Crusade on June 30.  We also need some help[ covering the expenses of the Crusade, which we expect to be around $7,000.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.


New Beginnings in Guaimaca

Today March 31, 2018 I have great news that we have been lifting in prayer for twenty five years.  This report may be long, but I want you to know what is going on here in order for you to be able to celebrate the good news with us.  Please continue to read.

After twenty five years here in Guaimaca we finally have an honest Christian man, who has been elected Mayor of Guaimaca.  To fully understand the impact of this you must understand that Guaimaca is the largest town in the Guaimaca area, but like Atlanta and other Stateside cities, Guaimaca has many smaller towns throughout the mountains that are all part of Guaimaca and are governed by the elected Mayor of Guaimaca and the City Council.

Mayor (Alcalde) Henry Armando Raudades was elected to the position of Alcalde of Guaimaca and will serve for a four year term with the possibility of being elected for additional four year terms by the people of Guaimaca.  Armando is an Engineer by education and is a local businessman.  His wife, Sandra, is also from Guaimaca and sister to my neighbor’s wife here in the Mennonite community.  They own and operate three pharmacies and the La Cascada (The Waterfall) restaurant here in Guaimaca and a fourth pharmacy in a nearby city.  They are wonderful Christians and are already doing good things here with many plans for the future of Guaimaca.

Several weeks ago Sandra and Armando reached out to me to help them with several needs for the City of Guaiamca.  Some of the items they requested are; food, clothing, shoes, baby supplies, two ambulances, a fire truck, and much much more.  We have already contacted several people,in the States to request these items for Guaimaca and will resume sending semi containers filled with these items to Guaimaca to be distributed through the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry and through new programs operated by the City to help poor families with food, clothing, daycare for children of working mothers. a special school for poor children, and a feeding program for the poor in this area.

Interestingly, we built a water treatment plant for Orphange Emmanuel more than fifteen years ago, which was never used.  We will soon place that plant in operation to provide more than 100,000 gallons of potable water per day to the city with plans to build additional plants in the near future to increase the capacity.  This project will provide a sufficient amount of water to serve the entire City of Guaimaca soon.

Many other projects will significantly improve living conditions in and around Guaimaca as these projects come online.  Another really great project has reopened the local sawmill, which at one time provided employment for >1000 people and was the largest in Honduras.  One saw line is in operation now with other saw lines to begin operating soon.

With good Christian people in the Alcaldia (Office of the Mayor) I am anticipating the opportunity to present Christ to the people of Guaimaca from many platforms including two local TV channels, several local radio stations, community meetings, festivals, civic gatherings, etc.  The field is ripe for harvest here in  Guaimaca with an estimated population of 300,000 people in this service area.

Please pray for Guaimaca, that, with God’s help, we will be able to meet the challenge before us.  Please share your thoughts and ideas.  You are urgently needed to meet this challenge.


We’ve been working diligently since we arrived in Honduras to catch up on ongoing projects and prepare for the team of twenty from Iowa.  They will be conducting medicals brigades in four communities, building the roof for the Cerro Grande Baptist Church, spreading the Gospel through distribution of Bibles and tracts, providing uniforms and shoes for school children for 190 students, and visiting homes to share the plan of salvation.  Each year it’s a genuine pleasure to host this team and see the reaction of those they serve.

Be sure to stay tuned.  I’ll be adding more updates on the team with photos next week as they begin their week long ministry here in Honduras.


JoAnn and I are making our final preparations and packing our suitcases to fly to Honduras Tuesday.  Mino will be meeting us at the airport in Tegucigalpa. .  We’re definitely looking forward to getting back to Honduras and our home in Guaimaca, which is about one hour fifteen minutes drive from the airport in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

We want to encourage you to pray for the upcoming team from Pella, Iowa, who will be arriving on February 23 for a week of construction, evangelism, medical brigades, school visits, and home visits.  Please pray for the team to have a safe trip and wonderful week serving the Lord in Guaimaca.  We’ll be sharing more about their trip and various ministry activities in a later update here.

Be sure to check out the “Thoughts from the President”, where we’ll share more personal thoughts and observations.  Have a blessed day and please remember to keep us in your prayers.


2017 was a great year for WBM

2017 was a great year for WBM.  The year started with the construction of the Cerro Grande Baptist Church (Iglesia Bautista Cerro Grande) just south of Guaimaca.  The PATTH team poured the floor as one of their annual construction projects and provided funds to continue construction of the walls and roof of the church.  PATTH will return in February to build the roof and electrical service for the church. Save & Exit

The Senior Citizen Ministry was started with several elderly individuals and couples receiving much-needed home repairs, food, and medical care.  2017 ended with a three year old child receiving financial assistance for medical help her mother couldn’t afford, probably saving the child’s life.  (In Honduras often time there is no help for the poor if no neighbors or friends are unwilling or can’t afford to help.)

In 2018 the Senior food pantry and clothes closet will be organized and will begin serving the elderly and poor.  Many local churches, individuals, and even businesses have expressed a definite interest and are looking forward to participating in this extension of the Senior Citizen Ministry.   

The Grace Biblical Seminary in Guaimaca continued to grow in 2017 with twenty students faithfully attending the recent classes.  These students are mostly pastors some church lay leaders.  As the classes grow the initial classes will be repeated for those studying for the first time.  Interestingly, most pastors in Honduras have little or no formal training and are super excited to have the opportunity to study the Bible under well trained and qualified Bible scholars. 

Most of the eight churches which were originally founded and sponsored by WBM have been without support or sponsorship since 2000.  One of the eight churches has completely failed and the doors permanently closed and locked.  This church is the only church in a community of approximately 800 people.  Plans are underway now to re-establish this church and provide a trained pastor to provide new leadership. 

The other seven churches are doing well and only need Bibles, study literature, ongoing pastor training, and some financial support.  Each of these churches has an established place of worship and a pastor.  WBM will continue to monitor each of these churches and help them to meet specific needs as requested.  It is our desire that each church established by WBM should be self-sustaining, however, in some areas they simply don’t have the means, in which case we work through the pastor to provide assistance.

WBM has purchased hundreds of Bibles for distribution in Honduras.  This ministry has become a blessing to many, who couldn’t afford to purchase a Bible for their home or study.  With Stateside funds available WBM has been able to provide Bibles through the years with the knowledge that God’s Word is essential to spiritual understanding and growth.  As funds continue to be received, WBM will continue to distribute God’s Word to individuals and homes as an important part of the WBM ministry.

School sponsorship is one of the ways WBM has found to reward the youth of Honduras with an opportunity to study in preparation for the profession they choose as their life’s work.  Mabel Matute will graduate early in 2018 with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  Mabel’s school sponsorship has provided her with living expenses, transportation costs, school charges, books, etc. as she has studied at the University in Tegucigalpa.  Sponsorship has come from individuals in the United States, who recognize the need, Mabel’s dedication to studying to achieve, and have chosen to share the blessings God has afforded them.  We applaud Mabel for her accomplishments and are looking forward to seeing her moving into her life’s calling, which is to share Christ with others through the opportunities she will surely have as a Pharmacist in Honduras.

WBM is pleased to report that 100% of the funds donated to WBM continue to be used as directed by the donor.  Most ministries must deduct from donations to pay administrative expenses, however, WBM has never found it necessary to deduct anything from gifts for any reason.  We pray that WBM will always be able to use 100% of donations received for the intended purpose.