Thoughts in January 2023

It’s been much too long since I published my thoughts for your information and, hopefully, your enjoyment.  First, let me apologize for the extended delay.  I find myself knowing what I need to do, but being diverted to something else that seems to be important and pressing at the moment.  I’m sorry.

Al and Katherine are starting their second week of teaching in the WBM Grace Seminary in Honduras.  Today they will complete the fifth day of classes in Oropoli, Honduras.  They will present Certificates of Completion to the pastors, who have been faithful in their attendance and earned certificates.  While Al has been teaching the pastors, Katherine has been teaching the pastors’ wives and other ladies, who attendedd her classes.  Monday, they will be teaching the same curriculum to the pastors in and around Guaimaca, Honduras, where the WBM Ministry headquarters are located.  We are pleased to be able to conduct classes in both cities, Oropoli in the south and Guaimaca in the central part of Honduras.  We are looking forward to the start of classes in Sula, Honduras, which is in the northern part of Honduras, in April.

More to come soon.


The Work Continues After Hurricane Michael

May 24, 2019

Since JoAnn and I returned to the States from Honduras in October of 2018 many things have been happening in the WBM Ministry in Honduras as well as in the States.  The FBC of Zebulon, GA was able to organize a sea/land container of clothes for the people of Mexico Beach, Florida, whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Michael, a category 5, in October 2018.  Through our friends at Samaritan’s Purse, we learned of the need in Mexico Beach and delivered the container soon after relief providers were allowed into the devastated area.  It was a sight to behold.  Hundreds/thousands of nice homes, churches, businesses, hotels/motels, and trees were blown away, totally destroyed, or severely damaged by the winds and rising water.

We delivered the sea-land container of clothing to the First Baptist Church of Mexico Beach.  It remains there today and continues to serve the people with much needed winter clothes, which were given out right away.  Summer clothes remained in the container and are being distributed now..

Many homes have been repaired, as well as the First Baptist Church roof, but there is an unbelievable amount of work left to be done.  The WBM container will remain there until it is no longer needed.  Here are some photos of our visit to the FBC in Mexico Beach, Fl.

This photo is of the Samaritan’s Purse workers (in blue shirts) with the FBC pastor Rev. Eddie LaFountain (black shirt) and other volunteers on the day the container was delivered.

The FBC in Mexico Beach suffered extensive roof damage and water damage.  The roof has finally been replaced and normal services have resumed.  The church is still a center of relief oasis for the community as the distribution point for thousands of donated relief items.  This photo shows the church roof covered by blue plastic, the WBM sea/land container, and overflow relief items stored outside on the church grounds.

It’s difficult to imagine the scope of destruction without actually seeing it in person.  Only the concrete skeleton portion of the El Governor hotel on the beach survived.  The beach area in the foreground (in front of where the white car is parked, is where tens of guest rooms were standing only a few days before.

Please pray for the people of Mexico Beach.  Their homes, businesses, jobs, churches, shopping centers, gas stations, and much more have been destroyed.  Many have left the area permanently to live with family or friends while rebuilding their lives.  Others slowly rebuild their homes and businesses.  Few jobs are available as most places of employment in the entire area no longer exist. .

This is a stark reminder that only Jesus Christ can be depended on.  Everything else is subject to the changing “wind”.  If you would like to help the people of Mexico Beach please give generously through WBM.  We’ll be sure 100% of your gift is used wisely and for the Glory of God as you direct. Visit the “Donate” page for more information on how to give.

December 2018 Update

We returned from Honduras for Thanksgiving and Christmas with heavy hearts for the people in Honduras, who still haven’t trusted in Christ, but with a profound appreciation for those of you who continue to support the WBM Ministry with your prayers, notes of encouragement, and financial support.  As we grow older and less capable of doing the things we did when we were younger we  decided to give up our home in Guaimaca, but will use the savings on rent in other ways to serve the Lord through WBM.

For many years our friend, Mino Rodriguez, has been not only a dear friend, but an inspiration to us through his enthusiastic support and help with the various WBM Ministries in and around Guaimaca.  He is our faithful Brother in Christ, right hand, and is known by all of our visitors to Guaimaca.  Mino now has the responsibility of administering the various WBM ministry efforts and projects in Honduras.  He continues to report to us by text and e-mail on a regular basis.  Please lift Mino in your prayers as he serves.

Please visit the WBM News Releases section of this website to learn more about each WBM ministry project.

We would love to hear from you.  Please visit the Contact Us page to send us a note.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

JoAnn and Sandy.



JoAnn and I will be flying to Honduras tomorrow to resume our ministry in Guaimaca, F.M. Honduras.  We’re looking forward to seeing our friends and to serving in the WBM Ministry there.  As always, there will be many challenges to meet and overcome, so we definitely covet your prayers for the people of Honduras and for us as we serve.

We are still searching for a fire truck to begin a fire department in Guaimaca as well as two ambulances for an EMT and ambulance service for Guaimaca.  A wonderful and talented Christian couple from Alabama,  Larry and Dianne Guess, will be moving to Honduras early in 2019 to begin the ambulance service and teach local volunteers to become qualified EMTs in Guaimaca.  Both Larry and Dianne are well qualified EMTs.  They are taking one year from their careers to begin the EMT ambulance service in Guaimaca.  We are thankful for their commitment to the Lord and people of Guaimaca.  They are begining to solicit support for their mission service.  You may send support to World Baptist Missions and mark it for “Guess Support”.

Other ongoing WBM ministry projects in Guaimaca include the Senior Citizen Ministry, the Children’s Daycare Center, the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Ministry, and we are working with the City of Guaimaca to design and build a new water system to serve the entire city of 40,000 with potable water.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for the WBM Ministry and for us personally.  We could not continue to serve without your partnership with us.  Please visit the WBM website often.  We’ve recently added a Photo and Video page that you will enjoy.  We’ll be adding videos and photos along, so check back often.  We’d love to hear from you.  It’s easy.  Just click on “Contact Us” on the top of this page and drop us a note.




July 2018 Report of Good Things Going On in Guaimaca

This has been one of the most exciting times of our Ministry.  The recent election of a Christian to the highest authority level in Guaimaca, the office of Mayor, has opened the door for World Baptist Missions (WBM) to reach the 40,000 people of Guaimaca for Christ.  Alcalde (Mayor) Armando and Sandra Raudales have already, in the first five months of their time in office, have accomplished much more for the people  of Guaimaca than has been accomplished by previous mayors in four hears of their times in office.

They have developed a Senior Citizen Ministry, which provides a hot nutritious meal each day for around 150 elderly poor people in Guaimaca.  They enjoy a great meal, fellowship, special entertainment, and even have several gardens where they grow corn, beans, sugar cane, squash, and other vegetables.  I feel right at home there and join them occasionally for a great meal straight off of their big wood stove.  They have cooks that really know how to make a meal tasty.  We are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

Another Ministry supported by Sandra and Armando is the Children’s Daycare, Feeding Program, and Christian School Ministry.  Up to 500 poor children, who can’t afford to attend public school, attend the Christian school, where they receive a nutritious meal each day, study the normal subjects including music.  They are learing to play the piano, guitar, violin, saksiphone, etc. Along with an education, great nutritious meals, we are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

Another Ministry we are involved in with the Mayor’s office is the Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center.  Forty nine people, including forty eight men and one woman are cared for at the A&D Rehab Center in Guaimaca.  They receive meals, housing, instruction, encouragement, and ultimately a new opportunity at life.  We are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

The Mayor has also asked us to design and build a complete water distribution system for the City of Guaimaca.  To date Guaimaca has never had the blessing of potable water anywhere in the City.  It is the desire of the Mayor, Armando Raudales, to one day provide the citizens of Guaimaca, all 40,000 of them, with potable water delivered to their homes in a city-wide distribution system.  This is a serious responsibility, which we don’t take lightly.  We are already working on the project and will be reporting more as we move forward with the project. This project allows us to come in direct contact with many people.  We are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

Mayor Armando also asked us to obtain a fire truck and two ambulances for the City of Guaimaca and to provide the training of firemen and EMT personnel.  We are working directly with State of Georgia and local municipalities to find just the right equipment to meet the needs in Guaimaca.  This will be a first for Guaimaca because Guaimaca has never had fire protection or ambulance service before. We are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

We are especially pleased to be of service to Mayor Armando and Sandra and the efforts they are making to provide these new services to the people of Guaimaca.  May I say once again that we are not only allowed, but encouraged to tell them about Christ and invite them to place their trust in Him.

Please click on the “Play” arrow below to begin the Adoremos En Familia video.  Then click on the “Full Screen” icon to enjoy the video on your full screen.  See more about the crusade in the WBM News section.


Answers to Our Prayers of 25 Years

In Philippians 4:6-7 the Bible says, “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Our prayer since we arrived in Guaimaca more than twenty five years ago has been that God will open the door for us to present the Gospel to the people of Guaiamca in an unbelievable and powerful way.  God has certainly answered our prayers.

With the election of Armando and Sandra Raudales as Mayor of Guaimaca we now have powerful Christian leadership in the highest office in Guaimaca.  Armando and Sandra are good friends of ours and have a burning desire to only do good things for the people of Guaimaca.  They are both from good Christian homes and have done well in business in Guaimaca,

they have reached out to WBM to help them in their quest for good things for Guaimaca.  Please read more about this in the WBM News section of this website by clicking on WBM News above

We always covet your prayers.  For twenty five years we have prayed for this to happen.  On June 30 WBM will sponsor a City wide family Crusade at the soccer stadium in Guaimaca.  The Grace Biblical Seminary is providing speakers for the Crusade, where we are expecting more than 5,000 to attend on June 30.  There will be live Christian music, a free meal, door prises, and a special address by Armando Raudales and Sandra about the accomplishments to date the their plans to provide blessings for the people of Guaimaca in the future,

God has answered our prayers of many years for this opportunity to serve.  Now we must begin praying for the numerous projects we are involved in with Sandra and Armando as well as the other WBM projects Honduras.

Thank you for visiting the WBM website.  I have found it difficult to impossible to post photos to the website from Honduras because of the slow internet connection, but will be working to update the website with photos in several sections soon.

Please pray for WBM, its Directors, JoAnn, and me.  We are only able to serve because of your prayers and support.


It’s Friday

It’s Friday, the week is almost over.  It’s been a good week with many new challenges mingled with reminders of past years and the time when those days were also with new challenges.  It’s Friday.  Saturday is coming soon, but today is Friday.

One of my greatest desires of life, especially in recent years, has been to honor the life of Billy Graham and those who served so faithfully with him through the years by attending Billy Graham’s funeral.  Like many of my desires; some day owning a boat with a steering wheel, driving to Honduras one more time, owning a motor home, etc. wasn’t to happen.  God had other plans, of which I had no knowledge until this week.  We were to be in Guaimaca, Honduras, where God placed JoAnn and me.  There’s no place so wonderful to be as being where God places us.  Through the years I’ve learned that and am totally content there/here.

Billy Graham passed from this home in Montreat, NC to his final “Montreat”, which he called Heaven, last week.  I was not there last week, but do recall how beautiful the mountains around his home must be, because I have been blessed on many occasions to visit the Billy Graham Training Center, which is only a short distance away.  Each and every time I visit the Training Center I feel, upon entering the Holy Grounds, that Jesus is standing by every tree, His voice is in every brook, His reflection is in every pool, His presence is in the air, and His message of love is in the whisper of the breeze as it moves peacefully through the forest.  I long to hear the great men and women of God speak from the platform of the Billy Graham Training Center, his place, and also His place.

The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte is, likewise, a warehouse source of great and wonderful words, words from the Bible, words of infinite wisdom, words of encouragement.  It’s a place for reflection and thanksgiving.  It’s a quiet and peaceful place, where God’s presence is always felt and where lives are touched by Him each and every day.  It’s a place where Jesus’ love and message of Salvation is proclaimed throughout the world in every imaginable language, culture, and by every available means,.  Children hear stories about Jesus, busy working people and intellectuals are challenged by the simple words of a simple man, who delivered a simple message of Jesus’ love,  The old are strengthened and encouraged by the reassurance that soon, very soon, they will be with Him throughout eternity.  That’s what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Billy Graham training Center, and the Billy Graham Library are about.  Just a simple message, from a simple man, about a gift of indescribable value, and purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross..  It’s a message of Salvation for all who believe in Jesus Christ.  It’s late on Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday.

It’s Friday.  The wonderful team from Iowa has served all week in schools in and around Guaimaca with great joy and success.  Hundreds have seen the face of Christ through their compassion and love.  The Cerro Grande Baptist Church finally has a beautiful red roof and the people have a place to worship Him, study His Word, and share Christ with others.  Pain and suffering has been relieved for those who attended the medical brigades provided by the team and others, unable to come themselves, who were visited in their homes.  Most importantly, each was ministered to by the hands of Jesus and saw His love in the faces and actions of those who served so faithfully.

After driving the team to the airport to board their flights home, I returned to Guaimaca to join tens of thousands, who set aside this day to honor and reflect on the lives of Billy and Ruth Graham.  I prayed that God would allow me enough saldo/recarga (internet time on my modem) to be able to watch a recording of Billy Graham’s funeral by some means.  God honored my request and I am using the, probably fleeting, remainder of saldo to publish this note to you.

This is a historical day in world events and in our lives as Christians .  It is a day that demonstrates to all of us that a life lived for Christ is a life well worth living.  Our time here is short.  It’s Friday.  Saturday is coming soon and then it will be time to rest on Sunday.  We can’t afford to waste a moment.  We just simply can’t.  The remaining time is too precious and important.  We must be about our Father’s business.  It’s Friday and Saturday is only a few hours away.  Sunday is coming.

I pray that God will give me what I need to reach more for Christ while it’s still not too late.  Tomorrow may be too late for some,  We must tell them before Sunday.  The sun is going down on Friday.

I’m so thankful for the years we have partnered with Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  God has opened the doors and we have been given so many opportunities to serve Him.  Tens of thousands have been served by the hospital, medical brigades, churches, schools, seminary, much of which were sponsored by the Billy Graham Ministries.  World Baptist Missions has been blessed so many ways by the Billy Graham Ministries.  I pray that God will grow the seed planted and that as a result thousands know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday is coming.  I want to rest on Sunday without the fear I did too little, waited too long, shamed my Lord, or wasted away the time.  It’s already late on Friday afternoon.

Please sign onto the Billy Graham website at and watch the entire funeral service, speakers, family members’ comments, dignitaries from around the world.  Reflect on the fact that we didn’t live in the time of Christ, but we have lived during the life of the man who has witnessed to more people for the Lord than anyone in the world since Bible times.  Let’s pray that God will send another Billy Graham, or better still, Jesus Himself.  In the meantime, let’s tell as many about Christ as possible using Billy Graham’s simple, but truthful and accurate message.

Be blessed today and siempre.  .


Heading to Honduras

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of things to do in preparation for our upcoming trip to Honduras.  Now it’s only one more day here before we leave.  It’s been four months since we were in Honduras, which is very unusual after so many years of spending months at the time in Honduras and only short visits to the States.  We miss all of our friends and ministry activities there and are anxious to see everyone, catch up on many ongoing ministry projects, and prepare to welcome the Pella Area Teams To Honduras “PATTH” team.

Our home church Saints in Zebulon, GA gave us a wonderful send off this morning during the worship service, when the Deacons and many of our church family came forward to lay hands on us and pray for us as we leave for Honduras this Tuesday.  It is such a wonderful blessing to have the prayers of our Brothers and Sisters lifted for us in preparation for our journey.  We ask that you join them as they ask God to bless our trip and the ministry efforts in Honduras.

I’ll be writing more from Honduras later this week, so be sure to check out the “News Releases” section to keep up with the most current happenings.  This section will be more of a personal section from us to you with the “News Releases” section being more about reporting events and ministry accomplishments.  Please visit the entire website to keep up and stay informed.  .

In Christ Siempre.

Wow!!!  What a great ride it has been.  JoAnn and I often look back on the thirty years in Honduras (since March 13, 1988) and find that God has carried us along on his back to experience things that seem so impossible now.  Yet we were there and a part of those experiences and accomplishments for the Lord .  We wouldn’t trade anything, with some exceptions, for those times.  The marvelous things we see Him doing now are allowing us to continue in His service even now.  Wow!!!

We are always reminded of the partnership we have with so many people, both living and those who have gone to be with Jesus, that have been such and essential part of WBM’s ministry success through the years.  We are so very thankful for those who partner with WBM with constant prayers, encouragement, active participation, and financial support.  Each of you are not only our dear friends, but our partners in His work.

JoAnn and I will use this platform to share personal thoughts and encourage you to not only visit this website often, but also to drop us a note to share any requests, ideas, encouragement, and questions you may have.  This website was created and maintained for us to be able to communicate better as we all serve Him.


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