Senior Citizen Ministry

The World Baptist Missions Senior Citizen Ministry exists to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of senior citizens, who are often without shelter, food, clothing, a personal care giver, or an understanding of how much God loves them.  The Senior Citizen Ministry first addresses the physical needs by providing food, medical care, clothing, and other essentials.  Second, our caregivers explain the plan of salvation and answers questions.  Third, the senior is given the opportunity to accept Christ as Lord and Savior and is given a Bible and other study material.  Finally, seniors are visited twice each month to provide food, medicine, and other essentials.

The SCM is supported by those of you who are called by God to minister to those who are the most vulnerable and needy in an effort to relieve suffering and lead the senior to a relationship with Jesus Christ for eternity.

The SCM is administered locally by Adminadab (Mino) Rodriguez, who is a wonderful Christian man living in Guaimaca, Honduras.  Mino does a great job of seeking out seniors in need and ministering to them with love and compassion.  Mino is assisted by his son, Isai. 

Below you will find information and pictures of seniors who receive care through the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry twice each month in the Name of Jesus.

11 Benita Galindo Avila (69}

Benita was born on March 21, 1950.  Benita is well known to those who have visited WBM in Guaimaca over the years.  She walks with great difficulty because of multiple strokes, which have left her with paralysis in her leg, foot, and arm.  For many years she walked two miles to the hospital for food each week.

Benita lives with her son, who has mental problems, in Colonia Cerro Grande.  He has been known to strike her, leaving her with visible marks.

Benita will be visited twice each month and given food, medicine, occasional doctor visits, as needed, as well as clothing and other necessities.  She will also be ministered to spiritually.  WBM is pleased to be able to be able to minister to Benita.

10 Jose Mariano Gomez Lainez (78) Moved Away

Jose has moved away from Guaimaca and is no longer receiving assistance from WBM.

Jose was born on November 21, 1941.  Jose lives alone, where he has collected sticks and other material, which he has used to build this shack.  He is unable to work and is totally dependent on friends and neighbors to provide him with occasional food, clothing, and other essential items.  He has no money at all.  He only has his name, which he stated proudly.

Jose is now being served twice each month by the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry, which provides him with food, some clothing, medicine, and doctor visits as needed.  Most importantly, Jose has been given a Bible, Christian literature, and told of Christ’s love and of the way to become a Christian.

Here are photos of Jose and his stick shack.


9 Amado Salgado (74)

Amado was born on October 10, 1944.  He is very poor and lives in this shack with his brother.  The photos show all of his possessions, which include his bed and a few personal belongings.  He is unable to find work and is physically unable to maintain a job to earn a living for himself or his brother.  Amado and his brother struggle to obtain food, clothing,and basic necessities.

Under the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry they receive two visits each month with food, medicine, some clothing, and are provided transportation and doctor visits as required.  Most importantly, they are given Christian material, are told of Christ’s love, and invited to accept Him as Lord and Savior..


8 Paulina Ramirez Colindres (83)

Paulina was born on January 15, 1936.  She is very poor and lives with family members.  Paulina has various health problems and  sufferes with a sore on the calf of her leg that she has been caring for for many years.  We found her without food, medical care and unable to obtain her basic needs.  She is a sweet and kind lady and certainly we wanted to help.  Paulina was added to the Senior Citizen Ministry to provide food, medical care, and other basic needs.

In February of 2018 a visiting team from Iowa visited the Seniors and the nurses on the team provided Paulina with special care to her leg by cleaning the wound, applying ointments to aid in healing, and dressed the wound.  They also left supplies to care for her leg in the hope the wound would heal.  They prayed with Paulina asking God to bless her and provide healing for her leg.  I’m pleased to report that her leg is being cleaned and dressed several times each week now and the wound has finally healed and is now covered with healthy tissue.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve Him by serving others in His Name.



7 Pastor Napoleon Nieto (89) Deceased 5 August 2019

My dear friend and Brother in Christ went to be with Jesus on August 5, 2019 at the age of 89.  His suffering in this life has finally ended after a lifetime of serving the Lord.  He delighted in telling others about Jesus and about the way to Eternal Salvation through Jesus Christ.

I enjoyed the twenty or more years that I have known him and cherish the memories we shared in service of the people of Honduras in the name of our Lord and Savior.  I will miss Napoleon terribly, but celebrate the home going of one of God’s very best.  He was the most Godly man I have ever known..


Pastor Napoleon Nieto was born on May 30, 1930.  He is a local (Guaimaca) pastor/home missionary, whom we have known for more than twenty years.  He first came to the WBM hospital to preach to patients early each morning as they waited outside the gate to enter the hospital to be seen by a doctor.  He witnessed, taught, and invited patients to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.  In time he became the voice of Hospital Bautista, preaching in the waiting room as well as ministering to patients and their families on an individual basis.  Pastor Nieto also shares Christ through his music playing hymns on his harmonica as he witnessed in church services.

Now Pastor Nieto is old and very poor.  He has been the victim of several accidents with vehicles on his bicycle and broke his hip in a fall in his home.  After all of the many years he has spent in service to our Lord and Savior we are pleased to have the opportunity to help him with food, medicine, clothes, etc.  He lives in his own home alone in Guaimaca.  His wife and family live in the United States and visit him occasionally.  Pastor Nieto has expressed his desire to remain in Guaimaca, where he feels God has placed hm, to minister to anyone he is able to reach for Christ.  .

.   .


6 Andres Ramirez (80)

Andres Ramirez was born on November 30, 1938.  He lives in one very small room behind a house in Guaimaca.  The only item in his room is his bed.  He has no personal belongings.  Bathroom facilities are difficult to get to from his room.  He is very poor and doesn’t have even the basic food or clothing he needs.  In addition to other problems he also suffers with asthma.  He is able to move around on his bed, but needs assistance to stand.  Walking is very difficult, even with assistance.

We have visited Andres numerous times and are providing him with food, medicine, and some clothing.  He has someone who prepares his food for some of the food we leave for Andres.  He is always cheerful and communicates well.

Mino and Isai have ministered to Andres’ physical needs, told him about Jesus, and given him at tract and Bible.  He isn’t able to read, but has others who can read to him occasionally.  Mino and Isai will continue visiting Andres to provide much needed food and home care.

Andres lives in this room behind a house, where his meals are prepared, his clothes washed occasionally.  Andres is able to walk some, but is always accompanied by someone to keep him from falling.  In the photo above he is expressing his gratitude for the food and supplies he was given by the WBM Senior Citizen Ministry.  Thank you for supporting this most worthy ministry.


5 Herminio Martinez Gonzales (78) Deceased 17 March 2018

Herminio is 78 years old and suffers from severe back pain and stomach pain.  She lives in Colonia Santa Fe Guaimaca.  She is very poor and unable to afford a hospital visit or a visit to a doctor’s clinic.  She will never be able to have her back operated on or even have the tests done to have the problem identified.

Herminio was told of Jesus’ love and that He died for her sins.  She was told that she only needs to trust in Jesus and that He died for her sins in order to receive salvation and spend eternity with Him.  She was given food, a new Bible, and prayed with for her healing and for her salvation.. Future visits will be made with additional help as needed.


We are very sad to report that Mrs Herminio Martinez Gonzales passed away peacefully at her home on March 17, 2018.  We are thankful to have been able to provide her with the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ..  We pray the visits, food, and love we shared was a blessing to Herminio in her last days,  May The Lord Jesus care for her soul and afford her the many comforts she didn’t experience here on earth. A Men. .

4 Josecina Avila Soto (70) Deceased 16 December 2018

Joescina was born on August 27, 1947. She lives in Colonia Bella Vista No. 2 in Guaimaca, Honduras.  She suffers with poor circulation, but can not afford to visit a private clinic or the hospital for her medical care.  Joescina receives a visit twice monthly and is given food, medicinee, and other provisions.  She was given a Bible and Christ’s love is shared.  She was told of Jesus’ love, that He died for her sins, and of His desire than she should trust in Him, be saved, and be assured of eternal life in Heaven.

Joescina enjoys her home visits by the SCM caregivers.  She also receives special visits from visiting teams from the States.  Her overall health is not good and she is in bed most of the time.  Please pray for Josecina, her health, and for her family as they care for her. .


3 Luisa Artica Sauccda (85) Deceased 15 July 2021

Luisa is was born on August 25, 1936 and was almost 85 years old when she was called home .  Luisa was ministered to by Mino, representing WBM, during her final years and experienced Christ’s love through those who gave for her to be able to have food, medicine, and the truth about Jesus and His love.  She lived in Colonia Barrio Abajo in Guaimaca, Honduras.  Luisa suffered from diabetes.

Luisa was given food and told that Jesus has already paid for all of her sins, so she doesn’t need to continue confessing her sins to the priest or paying the Catholic church to forgive her sins.  She has now been told that Jesus died for her past, present, and future sins to be forgiven,  She was told, probably for the first time in her life, that she only needs to trust Jesus to receive eternal life and live with Him throughout eternity.  She was given a new Bible and will receive follow up visits from the SCM.  It will be very difficult to impossible for Luisa to accept the truths of the Bible after eighty years of being told to believe things that are not supported by God’s Holy Word.  We can only trust that God will heal her heart and that she will accept Jesus, instead of men, to forgive her sins and welcome her into fellowship with Him in Heaven.


2 Isabel Gutierres (107) Deceased

Isabel Gutierres was born June 8, 1912.  She was 107 years old when she met Jesus face to face.  She was a very special lady, whom I am so thankful I was able to know.

Isabel lives with her son in Colonia Miraflores, Guaimaca.  She is unable to walk and is confined to her bed or chair.

Isabel was given food for her and her son and told of Jesus’ love and of His desire to save her from her sins and of His desire that she may believe on Him and live in Heaven throughout eternity.  She was also given a Bible and prayed for.

Isabel is visited twice each month and provided with food, medicine, and other items needed.  She also receives doctor visits as needed. Although she is very frail, Isabel is able to communicate well and has a wonderful disposition and outlook for the future.  Her son, Phelipe,,lives with her and provides her daily care. They are both professing Christians and he studies in the Grace Biblical Seminary.


1 Teresa de Jesus Reyes (84)

Teresa was born on December 12, 1934.  She lives with her granddaughter in Colonia San Quin, Guaimaca.  Teresa suffered a stroke in mid 2017 and has been confined to her bed since that time.  Her granddaughter is very poor and struggles to care for her family and grandmother.

The SCM provided them with food and a Bible.  They were introduced to Jesus and presented with the plan of Salvation and prayed with.. The SCM will follow up with additional welfare visits.



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