It’s been much too long since I published my thoughts for your information and, hopefully, your enjoyment.  First, let me apologize for the extended delay.  I find myself knowing what I need to do, but being diverted to something else that seems to be important and pressing at the moment.  I’m sorry.

Al and Katherine are starting their second week of teaching in the WBM Grace Seminary in Honduras.  Today they will complete the fifth day of classes in Oropoli, Honduras.  They will present Certificates of Completion to the pastors, who have been faithful in their attendance and earned certificates.  While Al has been teaching the pastors, Katherine has been teaching the pastors’ wives and other ladies, who attendedd her classes.  Monday, they will be teaching the same curriculum to the pastors in and around Guaimaca, Honduras, where the WBM Ministry headquarters are located.  We are pleased to be able to conduct classes in both cities, Oropoli in the south and Guaimaca in the central part of Honduras.  We are looking forward to the start of classes in Sula, Honduras, which is in the northern part of Honduras, in April.

More to come soon.