Wow!!!  What a great ride it has been.  JoAnn and I often look back on the thirty years in Honduras (since March 13, 1988) and find that God has carried us along on his back to experience things that seem so impossible now.  Yet we were there and a part of those experiences and accomplishments for the Lord .  We wouldn’t trade anything, with some exceptions, for those times.  The marvelous things we see Him doing now are allowing us to continue in His service even now.  Wow!!!

We are always reminded of the partnership we have with so many people, both living and those who have gone to be with Jesus, that have been such and essential part of WBM’s ministry success through the years.  We are so very thankful for those who partner with WBM with constant prayers, encouragement, active participation, and financial support.  Each of you are not only our dear friends, but our partners in His work.

JoAnn and I will use this platform to share personal thoughts and encourage you to not only visit this website often, but also to drop us a note to share any requests, ideas, encouragement, and questions you may have.  This website was created and maintained for us to be able to communicate better as we all serve Him.