September 2018

We will be leaving in less than two weeks to return to Guaimaca to resume the Ministry there.  We’re looking forward to returning with the anticipation of seeing our many friends and resuming the many ministry projects of World Baptist Missions Inc.  We’ve accomplished many things while in the States related to the Honduras Ministry, but need to return to Hondurras to resume work there.

Upcoming projects in Honduras include a fire department and ambulance service for Guaimaca.  While in the States we have been the search for a fire truck and two ambulances for Guaimaca as well as equipment and supplies for both.  We’ve also been working on the design of a potable water system for the entire city of Guaimaca.  Currently only a small portion of the population has water available to their homes.  That water is surface water from mountain streams, which are severely polluted.  A friend, for example, recently described his experience of finding a worm lodged between his teeth after brushing.  Filtration, treatment, and distribution of water are not practices familiar to Guaimaca, therefore a potable water supply for every home will be a most welcome improvement.

Fire protection for the thousands of homes in Guaimaca is not available.  Nearby cities do have some fire protection, however limited, but at least they have some fire protection.  The previously described water system will provide an abundance of water for fire protection.  A tanker/pumper firetruck is being sought in the States to transport water to fires and pump water from the City water system.  Throughout Honduras only limited training for firemen is available, but will be augmented by professional State side instructors to enhance the limited training available in Honduras.  A firetruck, equipment, and supplies are being sought now for Guaimaca.

Two used, but servicable, ambulances are also being sought for transport to Guaimaca.  Currently there is no ambulance service available between Guaimaca and the medical facilities in Tegucigalpa, the capital city, where more professional care is available.  Typically patients, even severely injured accident victims, gunshot victims, birthing needs, etc. etc. are typically transported without professional medical personnel and in the back of pickup trucks, buses, or personal automobiles, when availlable.  Two EMTs are currently waiting for the ambulances and equipment to arrive in Guaimaca, when they are committed to move to Guaimaca from the United States to begin instructing EMTs to staff the ambulances of Guaimaca.  We look forward to hosting them as they serve in this most important and life saving ministry..

All of these exciting things are happening under the ministry of World Baptist Missions Inc, which has been serving the people of Guaimaca for the past thirty years with the good news of Jesus Christ.  WBM is happy to also host the Honduras extension of Grace Biblical Seminary, which provides classes for pastors and lay leaders in the study of the Bible.  In many instances GBS provides the very first opportunity for pastors to study God’s Holy Word in a professional setting under scholars of the Bible.  WBM is pleased to offer this most important ministry to Honduran pastors.

Please visit us often to learn of the work of WBM and its affiliated ministries.  Perhaps you would like to participate or sponsor this most worthwhile ministry.  We covet your prayers and support.

By the way, we’ve recently published a new section called Videos and Photos.  Be sure to visit it often to see, in action, some of the events and happenings of WBM.  We’ll be adding short videos and photos along, which will surely be of interest to you.